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Choosing A Luxury Student Studio With Unihousing

At Unihousing, we demonstrate that our student studios can also provide you with luxury living. Located in the bustling surroundings of Selly Oak, Birmingham, our luxurious student apartments are an appealing combination of convenience and everyday comfort for UK or international students at an affordable price.

Right inside our luxurious student studios you will experience the impressive standards of this student accommodation first-hand. From one step inside this Birmingham student studio you will realise the potential that the spacious interior offers you. The ample room provided within the walls of this student home are simply ideal for the average student of today to spread-out a little and feel properly comfortable, without feeling overwhelmed by too much space that might seem difficult to keep clean and tidy.

Comfortable Studio Living

Our selection of luxury student studios in Birmingham have been planned and realised in such a way that is massively functional, making sure life is as easy as possible for you. These Selly Oak studios have been built with you in mind. Fully furnished with all of the essentials, these studios include an oven with hob along with a microwave for those quicker meals as well as a fridge freezer. Our high-standards are also evident in the bathroom area of this Birmingham student accommodation. The bathroom of this luxurious studio features a stylishly modern fitted shower, a sink, toilet, and there is also a heated towel rail.

In addition to this studio being perfectly functional for the contemporary student through its wealth of facilities, it is also ideal for rest and relaxation. These luxury student studios are spacious enough to be comfortable either on your own or with a couple of friends. To make your stay during your time at university more comfortable, we have included a Smart TV and high speed fibre optic internet. In addition, you can enjoy the reduced hassle from having all utilities included in the price of the rent.

A Location For Your Lifestyle

No matter where you may find student accommodation in the UK, the student housing itself is only one part of the entire student living experience, as the location of the accommodation is vitally important, too. For this reason, the stand-out Selly Oak location of this luxurious student studio is a big part of its overall appeal. Selly Oak provides a mix of both everyday amenities such as shops, chemists and supermarkets with other fun places to get something to eat and drink with friends.

At only a short walk from the front door of your studio, Selly Oak has superb opportunities to get out and socialise, thanks to the collection of pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants that are placed there. It is not only due to what is on offer in Selly Oak that gives it such an edge in being suitable for modern student life. It is also due to the way in which being in Selly Oak connects you to the rest of Birmingham and the UK as a whole through its nearby road systems and local public train and bus services that make it such an excellent location.

Selly Oak studio kitchen

Luxury Student Accommodation Birmingham

It’s worth noting all property let by Unihousing is held by us. Due to this, Unihousing ensures that it takes good care of all accommodation and in turn its tenants. Our maintenance team runs alongside Unihousing and work to fix all problems put forward by tenants. All problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently because of this.

Making the choice for luxury student accommodation that perfectly suits you is easy with Unihousing’s selection of student studios in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

So, contact us today and learn more about brand new student accommodation for you!

Selly Oak studio bed

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Luxury Student Accommodation in Selly Oak FAQ

Do Unihousing have any new student accommodation on Bristol Road?

Yes, Unihouse is brand new as of this year and offers student accommodation to anyone attending the University of Birmingham. You can enquire about residency using the Unihousing contact page.

Are the Unihouse Studios part of Unihousing’s student accommodation in Selly Oak?

Yes, Unihouse is owned by Unihousing. It is a brand-new building designed for students currently attending the University of Birmingham.

How can I arrange a viewing for one of Unihousing’s luxury studios?

There are several ways you can arrange a viewing for our luxury student accommodation. You can either send us an email, call our office number, or visit our lettings office and talk to one of our team members. You can find all of our contact information on our contact page.

How easily accessible are student jobs in Birmingham UK?

In student-focused areas such as Selly Oak, there are usually jobs available in the local area in supermarkets and retail stores, especially during the winter period.

What is it like to live in Birmingham, UK?

Known as the ‘second capital of England’, Birmingham represents a wide diversity of cultures and creeds. It also provides many activities for those who wish to explore them such as the National SEA LIFE Centre, and Cadbury World.

What is Birmingham University best known for?

The University of Birmingham is best known for producing highly employable graduates each year, with a 95% degree completion rate. According to the Complete University Guide league table for 2022, the University of Birmingham was ranked within the top 5 in American Studies, Creative Writing, Drama/Dance + Cinematics, Physiotherapy, and Tourism/Transport/Travel + Heritage Studies.

Is Birmingham a good city for international students?

Birmingham welcomed 41.8 million international visitors in 2017, and for good reason. Birmingham allows international students to experience the benefits of studying at a university in the UK without the expensive living costs of London. Birmingham is also one of the most diverse cities in the UK, with many cultural landmarks and social activities to visit and enjoy. Birmingham has an airport with convenient travel links such as the train and regular buses.