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Every single year students from across the globe travel to the great city of Birmingham to begin a new academic year at the University of Birmingham. For most of these students, rented accommodation will be an important part of their time at university and can make or break their experience. Student houses are very popular in the area and offer a group of students the ability to rent together. For Unihousing the experience that our students receive is important to us. Because of this, we ensure that all of our housing as built to a specific design the suits the wants and needs of a student.

Each of our student accommodations are built with students in mind. Because of this, most of our student housing comes fully fitted and furnished. This makes moving much easier for students and there is no pressure to consider larger items such as sofas, fridge freezers, beds and wardrobes.

Each kitchen space has ample room to support all occupants of the house. In a normal shared kitchen space, you will find a fridge freezer for storing food alongside shelves and cupboards for dry store items. The kitchen will also include cooking facilities such as an oven, hob and microwave so that students can prepare full meals and save money by not buying take-away. Finally, a washer and dryer can be found in every property.

Student houses within Selly Oak range in size, offering anywhere from two or three bedrooms and up to five or six bedrooms. All of our student bedrooms are well-sized and come with a double bed and wardrobe. Finally, all doors will lock with a personal key that you will be given. This gives you a private area when you need it.

Other aspects of the house include a living area with at least one sofa where housemates and friends can relax after a long day, and a garden area which can be used for relaxing a socialising with friends in good weather.

Unihousing has a unique way of ensuring that it keeps all of its property well maintained and modern. It does this by buying all of the property that it lets out. But why does buying property make any difference? Well, it means Unihousing can eliminate third-party interference such as a letting agent. This allows for much quick communication between its tenants and the people who have the influence to make decisions. This is increasingly helpful with maintenance issues where you may need a quick fix or a new part to be ordered.

Unihousing offers a range of properties for students at the University of Birmingham. Whether you’re looking for a place of your own next year such as a studio or apartment, or looking for something to share with your friends, Unihousing can help. Register your interest for next-year today and be the first to hear about our newly refurbished properties.

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Student Lets FAQ

What is the average living cost of a student in Birmingham?

According to BCU, the average University Accommodation yearly costs are between £6400 and £7012

What was Birmingham in the UK like in the 70s?

Birmingham was quite different in the 70s. What was once a very industrial city was slowly becoming more diverse, with shifting interests into tourism, retail, and service industries.

What do students look for in accommodation?

Students' demands have changed over the years. Students look for affordable accommodation, as well as conveniently near shopping areas or the university itself. Having a trusted letting agent is also beneficial as it helps to know that your problems will be dealt with efficiently.

Is the University of Birmingham hard to get into?

Though the University of Birmingham is within the top 20 in the UK, it has a good acceptance rate, according to the latest statistics, it has an acceptance rate of 79.2%. This of course depends on the subject that is required for study, as the subjects that it is famous for, (Engineering, Economics and Medicine) are more difficult to gain access to, and require top grades before entry.

Is it better to stay in uni accommodation or private?

There are some differences when choosing to stay with university halls, or choosing to stay with a private landlord. These differences will vary depending on what you want out of your experience at university. Student halls usually provide students with a shared kitchen and lounge area, whereas some private residences allow you to have these to yourself.

Is Birmingham City a good University?

Birmingham City University is currently rated 82nd on The Complete University Guide’s 2022 University League Table, and has been improving every year. It also has a 80% student satisfaction rate, as well as a 83% degree completion rate. According to the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Birmingham is placed in the top 40% of 1400 Universities globally.