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Student apartments are just one of the many forms of student housing available for students at university. It can often come as a difficult decision as to what may suit you best for your new academic year. Whatever you decide is right for you, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed to ensure you have an enjoyable university experience.

Making the correct decision on which student accommodation is right for you is an important one. Apartments offer a great mix between a studio and shared accommodation. This is due to the fact that you have your own personal bedroom along with an open space living and kitchen area which can be used to house guests.

All of Unihousing’s student apartments are situated in the Selly Oak area which is ideally located close to the Edgbaston campus at the University of Birmingham. The following is a representation of a student apartment, which offers an idea of what you might expect when renting with Unihousing.

All of Unihousing's student accommodation comes fully fitted, laminated, with central-heating and with utilities and internet included in the rent bill. This is a great benefit to students, as it provides an all-in-one package, helping make their stay as stress-free as possible.

It is important to us that our tenants are happy with the service and accommodation we provide. One way in which we achieve this is by owning all of our marketed property. This allows us to complete the necessary work and keep all our accommodation modern and stylish. Others benefits of Unihousing owning all of its property are no third party letting agents when our tenants have questions or repairs needed, and a reassurance that Unihousing looks after its accommodation.

In the kitchen, occupants will find cooking and storage appliances for day-to-day cooking, a large fridge freezer to keep food stored and usually a washer/dryer for cleaning your clothes.

The bedroom contains a double bed and some form of storage. This could be a chest of drawers or a wardrobe for storing your clothes. Students will also find a living area which comes pre-furnished, this normally includes a desk, desk chair, and a sofa. These make day-to-day living more comfortable for students. Finally, a flat-screen TV is provided for entertainment purposes.

A private bathroom offers a new level of privacy that some students may not have been used to in previous years.

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Unihousing has student accommodation to suit all types of students. Whether you’re looking for a place of your own or somewhere to share with friends, it's always important to feel comfortable where you are. Check out what Unihousing has to offer and register your interest here.

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Student Apartments FAQ

What is it like to be a student at the University of Birmingham?

UoB is committed to providing high-level support to all of its students. There are plenty of societies available for different hobbies and cultures as well as a student council for any queries you may have for other students.

What subjects is the University of Birmingham best at?

According to The Complete University Guide 2022, UoB was ranked highly in Creative Writing, Physiotherapy, as well as Dentistry and Chemical Engineering.

Where do students live in Birmingham?

Students tend to live either within the city centre or around the areas of their place of study. The University of Birmingham has many students that live in the local Selly Oak area as it has loads of local amenities, and is only a short walk away from the university. As Birmingham is a very student-rich city, there are many options available and help where needed.

What is a student apartment?

Student apartments offer a healthy balance between student studios and shared accommodations. Whereas student studios offer you a living area/bedroom space, student apartments usually contain a private bedroom, but with a shared living/kitchen area. This can be a great opportunity to meet others who are in similar situations as you, and possibly make some long-term friends.

What is the difference between student housing and an apartment?

An apartment is a type of accommodation which enables tenants of any working age to live in, either by themselves or with other people. Student housing limits who can live within the residence to just students alone. This can be a great opportunity for students who are planning on living away for university to live with others who are also doing the same and share resources and experiences together.