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  • Birmingham City Council Effectively Declares Bankruptcy After Being Hit by £760M Bill.
  • Student Housing Shortages to Get Worse in Some Cities, According to the Charity Unipol.
  • Students Cut Back on Food as the Cost of Living Soars.

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News around the area of the UK and topical to students.


Birmingham Residents Warned ‘All Bets Are Off’ on Cuts as City Council Effectively Bankrupt

Europe’s largest local authority said all new spending, with the exception of protecting vulnerable people and statutory services, must stop. Services that could face budget cuts include street cleaning, parks and maintenance, leisure, children’s services that are not social care, libraries and even the frequency that your bins are collected.

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Student Housing Shortages to Get Worse in Some Cities, According to the Charity Unipol

It says the number of new purpose-built rooms being created is tumbling, despite student numbers growing.

Universities UK say they always try to help because housing issues are a significant worry.

The National Union of Students (NUS) is calling for rent controls on student housing.

In recent years, some universities have struggled to provide a room near campus for new students, offering them housing in neighbouring cities instead.

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Students Cut Back on Food as the Cost of Living Soars

Some students had to cut back on food last academic year as the cost of living soared, official research shows.

Careful budgeting was not enough to keep costs down, forcing some students to skip meals, take on debt or dip into savings.

The Office for National Statistics interviewed 25 students and found that nine in 10 students were worried about the cost of living.

"Most of the food I buy is on [discounted] yellow stickers," he said. "But I have to make it work, otherwise I'll be homeless."

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Tips For Students

Tips and tricks to improve your time at university.

Have A Cleaning Schedule:

This will help you keep up with your house cleaning. An untidy house can be one of the reasons that will cause you stress. A clean and tidy space will likely help you feel more calm, relaxed and at ease. If you have housemates, a cleaning rota would be ideal to ensure everyone is pulling their weight. Additionally, you can spice it up by playing some music as you clean, making those boring tasks more enjoyable. Read More

Sweeping Floor

Prioritize Your Sleep

Studies have shown that without enough sleep, you are more likely to have problems with attention, memory, and problem-solving. Sleep deprivation can also contribute to emotional issues that may affect academic achievement. This highlights the fact that sleep is an important part of your university routine, to help keep your mind sharp and focused. Read More

Cosy Sleeping

Go Easy on Your Alcohol Intake

This will not only help you have a bit of cash to spare, but it will also help you avoid that morning hangover when you feel like you’ve been hit by a train the previous night. Alcohol consumption in excess can also have adverse effects on your health. The less you drink, the better you will feel generally. Read More

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