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  • Universities Are ‘Taking Advantage’ of Students with Rip-off Courses.
  • Rubbish ‘Dumped by Students’ Turns Birmingham Streets into a ‘Tip’.
  • Mushroom Coffee Craze: Fad Or Future?

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News around the area of the UK and topical to students.

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Universities Are ‘Taking Advantage’ of Students with Rip-off Courses

Rishi Sunak has claimed this as he reveals his plans to restrict poor-quality university degrees.

New limits will be imposed on courses that have high dropout rates or a low proportion of graduates getting a professional job.

In response to the disappointment of the people, the PM added: "They're being taken advantage of with low-quality courses that don't lead to a job - leaves them financially worse off".

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Rubbish ‘Dumped by Students’ Turns Birmingham into a ‘Tip’.

Residents have accused students of turning their beloved streets into "a tip" each year by dumping piles of rubbish outside at the end of their university studies.

According to the West Midlands Fire Service, "It is a seasonal issue for us and there's a big risk of an increase in secondary rubbish fires. We talk to bodies like the guild of students at the University of Birmingham and they do try to take it seriously".

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Mushroom Coffee Craze: Fad Or Future?

This unique brew has been all the rage recently, and there’s more to it than just a weird name.

It's regular ground coffee—rich, aromatic, and the lifeblood of every uni student. Blended seamlessly with medicinal mushrooms.

Mushroom coffee has some legitimate health benefits that make it a standout choice, especially for students who are always feeling stressed.

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Tips For Students

Tips and tricks to improve your time at university.

Have A Schedule:

Keeping a daily schedule on your phone will keep you focused and organised for the whole day. Read More


Always Report Damage

Always report any kind of damage to the property to your landlord or letting agent during your tenancy. This will help you get your deposit back when the time comes. Read More

Telephone Call

Cook Meals and Save Money

Cooking your own meals can help you save a good amount of money during your time at university. Read More


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