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May Newsletter 2021

There isn't long left in the 2020/2021 academic year. Many of our properties have now been let. At the current rate of letting all our accommodation will be gone in less than 6 weeks.

Did you know that we were selected as the number 1 student letting agent by the UK's biggest fresher community, Unifresher? Discover why we were their first choice here.

Featured Studio

Ashcombe Place

Comfortable student studio:
- Available for July 2021
- Low Deposit if Booked This Week
- Comes with High-Speed 100Mb Broadband

This property is only 9 minutes' walk from the University of Birmingham.

This student apartment is a great option for those who are looking for a space of their own, it offers privacy and convenience, with furnishings and fittings included inside. There is 100Mb high-speed internet for those who stream in their spare time, with an included desk chair and flat-screen TV. All with no extra cost to you as it is included in the rent.

The room includes; a smart snack bar with appliances, a comfy bedroom/ living area, and an ensuite shower room. A shared kitchen is supplied for all of the house residents, with high-quality low noise white goods. To add to this, the property is laminated throughout and has central heating. Maintenance is managed by Unihousing, and cleaning is done to all of the communal areas of the property, this means that you only have to focus on your room.

The village of Selly Oak provides a plethora of shops and restaurants that are used to serving students of the University of Birmingham, this means that there are many sales and deals to make use of, as well as the possibility of making use of student discounts.

Travel in Selly Oak is easy and convenient, this is due to the easy access to bus and train travel. Both of which you can benefit from with frequent use as you can get student discounts on travel passes for either.

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Property Improvements

At Unihousing we are constantly updating our properties to improve our accommodation for UoB students. The pictures below were both taken in our Bristol Road student accommodation near the University of Birmingham. If you have any suggestions to allow us to keep improving, please let us know.

Student Studios 2021

North Road

One bed student studio:
- Available July 2021
- Low Deposit if Booked This Week
- High-Speed 100Mb Broadband Included

Only a 3 minute walk away from UoB.

This student studio is placed on North Road, which allows it to sit neatly next to the main Selly Oak high street. As this studio has been recently refurbished, it is ideal for students looking for a modern and up-to-date student living experience. This studio has the space that you need whilst studying at the University of Birmingham, and includes many furnishings and features such as: a good sized desk/study area, a private shower room, and a spacious shared kitchen with low noise white goods.

For students who are on the move, this studio is ideal, as it comes with the student essentials. This includes a double bed, an office chair, a beautiful flat-screen TV, a wardrobe for your belongings, a washing machine and more. All the communal areas of this property are cleaned by Unihousing staff. This includes the hallways, stairs and landings, but not the kitchen.

This student accommodation is laminated throughout, has double glazed windows and central heating. Additionally, internet and utility bills are both included in the rent. All maintenance is carried out by Unihousing's own maintenance team, which means repair requests are carried out quickly.

This property is located within the heart of the student village Selly Oak, which means that you have everything you need during your time at the University of Birmingham conveniently at your doorstep. Selly Oak is home to many shops, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, takeaways and many more that are ready for you to explore. Many convenient transport options can be taken in the student village. This includes the Selly Oak train station, which can take you into Birmingham city centre, and frequent bus routes that go across Birmingham.

Images may be of a similar property.

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Tiverton Road

A modern student studio in Selly Oak:
- Available 2021
- Low Deposit if Booked This Week
- High-Speed 100Mb Broadband Included

Newly available student studio in Selly Oak, only a 9-minute walk from the University of Birmingham.

This newly refurbished student studio is spacious and contains many fundamentals in student living such as; a comfortable double bed, a well-sized study area which is perfect for laptop work and a lunch area with storage space.

Included in this bespoke modern studio are furnishings such as a study chair, storage and a flat-screen TV. 100Mb high-speed internet is also included in this property at no extra cost. The shared kitchen in this property is fitted with essential cookware, as well as high-quality low noise white goods as standard.

Selly Oak is known as the student village for a wide variety of reasons, one being that it is home to a lot of students who are studying at the local university. Another being due to the services and businesses that have altered their deals for students to take advantage of.

Supermarkets have sales regularly, So you can do your weekly shop in confidence that you can save some extra pennies by the end of it. If you'd like to try some of the local delicacies there are many restaurants in the area with different themes, this includes takeaways if you want to eat at home instead.

If you need to get around Birmingham, there are two main transport options available to you in the local area. The local bus services are a fast and cheap option as you can take part in many ticket/pass offers available for students, these allow you to travel to places such as the city centre, and other places of interest for cheap prices. Alternatively, if you need to travel out and around Birmingham, the Selly Oak train station provides transport at fast speeds. There are also train passes that you can buy to save money for repeated travel.

Images may be of a similar property.

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£150 Amazon Voucher

We have increased our finders fee. This means that if you refer a friend to one of our Selly Oak studios, you will receive a £150 Amazon voucher when they sign up. Treat yourself, and help your friends get prepared for the next academic year.

Contact the office to find out more.

Student Houses 2021

Exeter Road

Delightful 4 bedroom student house:
- Available for July 2021
- Low Deposit if Booked This Week
- Comes with Gas Included in the rent

Only 8 minutes' walk to the University of Birmingham.

Students only.

Are you planning to live with your friends during university this year? why not consider staying in this gorgeous student house on Exeter Road. This house contains a modern fully fitted kitchen, a newly refitted bathroom with electric shower, an additional contemporary shower room and 4 generous bedrooms.

This property is fully furnished, central heated and laminated throughout.

This property lies within Selly Oak. This means that students can take advantage of the many hotspots around the area that are designed for student socialising. There are many supermarkets around with deals specifically designed for students. There are also pubs and clubs around the area if you want to meet people.

Transport is also plentiful in Selly Oak. Getting around the local town and the rest of Birmingham is made simple by travelling on either the local bus or catching a train from Selly Oak station.

Images may be of a similar property.

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Grange Road

Shared 3-bed student house in Selly Oak:
- Available for July 2021
- Low Deposit if Booked This Week
- Gas Included in the rent

Only a 5-minute walk from the University of Birmingham.

Unihousing is happy to showcase this 3-person terraced student house, located in the booming student village, Selly Oak. This property comes fully furnished, with 3 nicely sized bedrooms, a contemporary fitted bathroom with underfloor and jacuzzi bath, smart fitted kitchen and dining area and a large communal lounge area perfect for spending time with housemates and friends.

With laminated flooring throughout, this property is easy to clean and consists of central heating and 100Mb broadband, perfect for streaming and gaming purposes.

As this student house property is ideally situated in Selly Oak village, students will be exposed to a plethora of shops, supermarkets, pubs, cafes and food hot spots. This student village is surrounded by several parks and places for meeting friends during your time at University.

Being closely located to Birmingham City Centre, Selly Oak is well equipped with public transport, with superb access to both bus and train travel. There are also student discounts and transport deals you can receive as a student, so travelling around the city and beyond is not only convenient but budget-friendly too.

Images may be of a similar property.

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Unihouse Studios

Looking for a Premium Student Accommodation for Next Year?

We have beautiful luxury student studios located in the heart of Selly Oak that are available for rent for the 21-22 term. Only a 4-minute walk from the UoB gates, these prime studios have been crafted with students in mind, and provide a premier space for tenants to enjoy. Our Unihouse Studios contain; fully fitted kitchens with cooking facilities, private ensuite bath/shower rooms, and living areas with spacious double beds.

The kitchen comes with multi-functional ovens, a hob with extractor, a quiet fridge/freezer, and also your own personal breakfast bar.

These studios are ideal for students that wish to have their own private space while still maintaining security, comfort, and the possibility of social settings. Our Unihouse properties also benefit from the energy produced from fitted solar panels, one of the only truly renewable power sources available.

For those who enjoy streaming shows or gaming, you'll be happy to hear that all of our studios come with high-speed internet, it also comes with a free 32" TV with built-in Freeview at no extra cost.

The student village of Selly Oak has everything that you need to live comfortably in Birmingham in 2021, this includes many supermarkets and shops with constant discounts to take advantage of. There are also many restaurants available and takeaways if food is a priority for you. There are also clubs, pubs and other places of interest in Selly Oak. So don't hesitate to explore its vast area if you choose to move here.

Register your interest so we can contact you with properties that may be of interest, or view the full listing and book your viewing today.

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