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  • University of Birmingham Generates £4.4 Billion for the West Midlands and UK Economies
  • Training Camp Brings Commonwealth Athletes and Coaches to Birmingham
  • University of Birmingham Rises in New University World Rankings

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News around the area of the UK and topical to students.


University of Birmingham Generates £4.4 Billion for the West Midlands and UK Economies

The University of Birmingham is an economic powerhouse for the West Midlands and UK economies, generating an estimated £4.4bn and supporting nearly 20,000 jobs.

A new report, conducted by leading policy and economics consultancy London Economics assessed the University’s impact from a diverse range of activities in the 2021-22 academic year.

It found that the research-intensive University’s total economic impact is estimated at £4.4 billion; a figure exceeding that of the West Midlands’s car manufacturing industry (£3.562 billion).

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Training Camp Brings Commonwealth Athletes and Coaches to Birmingham

Athletes and coaches from 23 Commonwealth countries arrived at the University of Birmingham to boost their sports and career development – the largest such training event of 2024.

Para athletes and coaches from around the world are taking part in a special training camp at the University of Birmingham – designed to boost their development in the run-up to the next Commonwealth Games and beyond.

Delivered in partnership with the Commonwealth Games Federation, the camp provides emerging athletes and coaches with enhanced skills, knowledge, and resources.

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University of Birmingham Rises in New University World Rankings

The University of Birmingham has climbed from 84 to 80 in the QS rankings, maintaining its position in the top 100. The QS World Ranking ranks and compares universities worldwide, scoring out of 100. In this most recent edition, Birmingham has received a score of 64.1. This rise in ranking aligns with Birmingham’s performance in the Complete University Guide, moving from its 14th position in 2024 to its current 13th position in 2025.

As Birmingham University has improved in the world ranking for 2025, it has ranked higher than heavy-hitters Durham and St Andrews, who occupy spots 89 and 104 respectively.

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Tips For Students

Tips on Preventing Fires in Your Student Accommodation

Practice Fire Safety in the Kitchen:

Cooking-related fires are a frequent reason for residential fires. It's crucial to stay in the kitchen while cooking, particularly when using stovetops or ovens. Keep flammable items such as dish towels and oven gloves away from heat sources. Additionally, clean the cooking appliances regularly to prevent the buildup of grease, which can ignite and cause a fire. Read More


Be Careful with Candles and Open Flames:

If candles are allowed in your accommodation, use them safely. Store them in sturdy holders on stable surfaces and away from flammable materials such as curtains and bedding. Never leave candles burning unattended. Read More


Regularly Check and Test Your Smoke Alarms:

It is recommended to have smoke alarms installed in every bedroom, living area, and hallway and to test them periodically to ensure functionality. Batteries should be replaced as needed. At Unihousing, we regularly check our properties to ensure they meet the regulatory standards. Read More


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